I’m fortunate that I grew up in a family that values preserving the memories of our gatherings and special moments with photographs.
Throughout my life photography has played an increasingly important role.
Photography makes me pay attention, to look around more as I go through life. It continues to have me see things in new and different ways, to appreciate the nuance of an expression, to see something beautiful in the simple or the sublime.
I continue to be thankful for the art form, to be able to preserve a moment in time, to look back on, to share, to pass along

I reside in the Las Vegas, Nevada area but I’m originally from NJ worked in NYC for years and I'm still an "east coast person at heart.” I’m happy for a life that includes lots of travel which enables me to visit many parts of the world. And yes, it’s true I’ve had to have extra pages added to my passport!
So whether you’re in the Las Vegas area or somewhere else in the world, I’d be happy to help you preserve some memories of your own.

Above all, love